The end for Danny Salazar in Cleveland?

Danny Salazar

It does not appear that Cleveland Indians pitcher Danny Salazar will make a return this season. Is his time with the Tribe over?

It appears that this is end of the road for Danny Salazar in a Cleveland Indians uniform. Salazar asked to step away from his rehab and Cleveland granted this request.

Salazar returned earlier this season and subsequently was placed back on the injured list after just one start. 

Now that Salazar has stepped away it is more than fair to wonder if he will put on an Indians uniform again. The amount of time it has taken for him to return and the almost immediate return to the injured list point in that direction. Cleveland can only invest so much money into a player who is not contributing on the field. The Indians have waited almost two seasons for Danny Salazar to get healthy and contribute. This could be the end of the Indians patience for a player who has made one start since 2017

Considering how the Indians have operate in their market it does not make much financial sense to continue paying a player who isn’t playing. Cleveland needs to allocate their financial resources to players who will help them win games. That does not appear to be Danny Salazar. 

There was a moment when “Gas Can Dan” appeared to be a vital part of the Cleveland Indians future. Now after several years of being a non-factor it feels like this is the end for Danny Salazar in Cleveland. 

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