Terry Francona open to new rules

Terry Francona open to new rules

Cleveland baseball manager Terry Francona is embracing the new MLB rules for the abbreviated 2020 season including the universal DH.

There are new rules for the 60-game 2020 MLB season and Terry Francona is not opposed to them. Francona was speaking to the media Monday and was asked about the new rules.

Terry Francona obviously embraces the universal DH since Cleveland is an American League club. It seems like Francona is at least willing to give the runner on second base a chance, which is all it needs.

The universal DH is the less controversial of the two rules. Many have complained about the lack of production from the pitchers spot in the lineup for years. Adopting a universal DH for this season will help in regards to making things work across this almost slapped together format. Having a uniform set of rules in this time is the best course of action.

The runner on second base is the rule that will cause quite a bit of controversy. While it is understandable that there is a push to shorten extra-inning games, it seems like this was the first idea they came up with. This idea will help increase run production to potentially end extra-innings games earlier, but both teams will have the same advantage with the runner on second base. This new rule could very well end up with both teams trading runs back and forth rather than ending the game sooner.

There could be success with the new rules for 2020. There is also the same possibility for them to fail completely. The only way to find out is play with these new rules in place.

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