Shortened preseason is bad news for Browns

Shortened preseason is bad news for Browns

The NFL is preparing to cut the preseason down to just two games and that would be bad news for the Cleveland Browns in 2020.

According to a report, the NFL will be cutting the upcoming preseason down to two games from four. This is not an ideal situation for the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland needs as much time as possible in order to get ready for the next season. They are yet again in transition and have seen turnover all over the place. When a team experiences a lot of change during one offseason time is their best friend. Time allows the new offense and defense to become accustomed to their new schemes. The time the Browns so desperately need may not be available to them this offseason.

The Browns have a new offensive system brought in by Kevin Stefanski. A system that is should help the offense reach the expectations many had for them last season. Losing time this offseason for a team that needs everything to go right to have even moderate success will be a problem. The Browns need time to develop rhythm offensively and ensure that the offensive line featuring two new faces is working as a cohesive unit. Not having enough time will disrupt the rhythm this offense needs to work. It could cause problems with the new blocking scheme being utilized by the Browns this season.

This is all even before discussing Baker Mayfield and the new offense. Mayfield may have to work on this new offense without his full complement of receivers. In order for Mayfield to bounce back and prove that he is a franchise quarterback he will need every weapon he can get. Even then, having a large amount of weapons in order to be effective says a lot about the quality of the quarterback.

Hopefully the Browns are able to get the most out of their time this offseason. If somehow all the preseason games are canceled it could become an even larger problem given their early season opponents.

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