Ryan Grigson back with Browns

Ryan Grigson back with Browns

For some bizarre reason Andrew Berry though bringing Ryan Grigson back was a good idea. Grigson will assist Berry in the Browns draft process and reportedly is already hard at work. 

Why? What are they doing? Grigson does not have a good reputation. In fact, Grigson has a terrible reputation with players and organizations across the league. Pat McAfee had several run-ins with Grigson while both were in Indianapolis.

That proposed OBJ trade to New England in Will Brinson’s mock? Any possibility of a trade with New England is now highly unlikely.  Any organization that employs Ryan Grigson instantly becomes persona non grata to Bill Belichick. If the goal was to keep themselves from trading Odell Beckham Jr. to New England, mission accomplished. 

The impact of Grigson being in the organization was not considered. Cleveland can cross some potential free agent targets off their list now. Grigson has wronged a lot of players in the past and that will not be forgotten easily. If the Browns are targeting a player in free agency and their agent is someone who already had a run in with Grigson, they will look elsewhere due to his presence in the organization. 

The Cleveland Browns are bringing the band back together. Well, except for the “revered” Sashi Brown. It really seems they are out to prove that their method, process, etc. works. Even if that means pissing everyone off the in the process. Nobody is above spite, even the most intelligent individuals. Bringing back Grigson is just a big middle finger to everyone who has previously criticized their process.


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