Richard Sherman should be on Browns radar

Richard Sherman should be on Browns radar

The Cleveland Browns should be interested in the San Francisco 49ers cornerback.

If the Cleveland Browns are going to compete in the AFC next season they are going to need help on defense. One name that could make an intriguing addition to their secondary is Richard Sherman. The veteran corner is entering free agency after the conclusion of a three-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers.

Cleveland’s defense needs to find upgrades any way possible and the addition of Richard Sherman would be a huge boost. It would make opposing quarterbacks have to make a decision when throwing the ball that simply is not avoid Denzel Ward. Even if Sherman is no longer featured as a starting corner but a safety or nickel corner he could be a game-changer for the Browns defense.

Signing Richard Sherman would require adding another corner through free agency and drafting at least one other. This would be a move that would be more short term focused while they look to add long term pieces through the draft.

When noted Browns fan and Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum proposed the idea Sherman did not seem all that opposed.

At the end of the day what the Browns need to do is keep their options open. Eliminating a clear upgrade from their search due to age would be foolish. This front office is smart enough to know how to add the right pieces. If the Browns follow a similar pattern as they did on offense, signing and drafting a cornerback and safety seems to be a realistic possibility. Sherman could be one of the signings the Browns make in order to get their defense to a respectable level.


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