Rashard Higgins needs to go

Rashard Higgins

The Cleveland Browns have another problem. This time it is with Rashard Higgins. 

Funny how quickly things can change. This is in stark contrast to an earlier post which stated Rashard Higgins needed to play. Now Higgins needs to go.

According to reports, Rashard Higgins refused to come in during their loss to the Seattle Seahawks. What this does is take some of the focus on the coaching staff away from not playing him and place it squarely on Higgins. Higgins has played sparingly this season and this interaction could be why. 

What the Browns clearly have here is a player who is not a positive presence in the locker room. The moment that Rashard Higgins said no, everything changed. Now the presence of Higgins in the locker room signals to other players that it is okay to refuse to play.  The message that the coaching staff, GM and others are sending to the players is that what Rashard Higgins did is perfectly fine. 

It is not. 

This is just more evidence of a lack of accountability. There is no leadership in the organization and any semblance of culture is non-existent. 

John Dorsey should have cut Rashard Higgins by now. Each second that Higgins remains on the roster is giving the appearance of permission to other players to behave in a manner that is not of a winning team. 

Winning teams do keep players who act in this manner. The moment a player takes this approach they are given their walking papers shortly after. The best organizations know that keeping someone like Higgins on the team will only result in negative outcomes. 

The Browns are not a winning organization. There is no culture. There is no accountability. These areas have been ignored and Higgins remains on the roster because of it. Until the Browns evaluate themselves and realize what needs be fixed, they will be stuck in neutral and incidents like this will continue to happen. 

If Rashard Higgins does not want to play in games, might as well make it a bit easier for him to do so and release him.

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