Path is clear for Browns to hire Josh McDaniels

Path is clear for Browns to hire Josh McDaniels

The Cleveland Browns have the only head coaching vacancy and the path is clear for them to hire New England’s Josh McDaniels.

Washington? Check. Dallas? Check. Carolina? Check. New York Giants? Check. They have hired their new head coaches. There are no open coaching positions. The hires of Matt Rhule to the Panthers and Joe Judge to the Giants occurred on Monday. Josh McDaniels was due to interview with both teams before the hires occurred. This clears up his schedule just a bit. McDaniels will interview with the Cleveland Browns on Friday. That is after two other interviews taking place beforehand.

There is something to be said about a through interview process. There is also something to be said that the last interview is Josh McDaniels. McDaniels will have his chance to make the final impression with the search committee and possibly lead to his hire as the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Honestly, the Browns should just fast forward this entire process. They already know who they want. This type of extremely thorough search usually applies to franchises who have absolutely no idea who they want to hire. This does not apply here. The Haslams want Josh McDaniels. They have for a long time.

Things will only become more complicated and less clear with the more information that Jimmy Haslam receives. The entire process will be better if completed sooner rather than later. It is not just about making the decision easier and faster. It is about making sure that Josh McDaniels is not convinced to remain in New England as Bill Belichick’s successor. That is the only remaining obstacle standing between McDaniels and Cleveland. If Cleveland waits too long because they want to do their due diligence and their white whale in Josh McDaniels stays in New England, there is only one party at fault. And that is the Browns.

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