Odell Beckham Jr. return not dependent on others

Odell Beckham Jr. return not dependent on others

The Cleveland Browns head coach stated that the status of  OBJ is not related to the availability of other receivers.

Anyone attempting to play the connect the dot game can stop now. Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski stated that the status of Odell Beckham Jr. is not related to other players on the roster.

This put quite the damper on the hurry OBJ back train. Despite the hope that the team may feel pressured to hurry back Odell Beckham Jr. after the injury to Jarvis Landry which could keep him out a few weeks, Beckham may still not be ready for Week 3. Without Beckham and Landry the passing game was very pedestrian and overall uninspiring. If the Browns have to take the field without Beckham and Landry for more than a game or two it could become quite problematic for their passing game. Cleveland got their first look at life without both and it was not pretty. The sooner that the Browns can get back a healthy Beckham and Landry the better.


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