Odell Beckham Jr. needs to grow up

Odell Beckham Jr. needs to grow up

The Browns receiver was seen throwing his helmet and later arguing with fans while not wearing shoes during Sunday’s loss in Pittsburgh.

Somehow Odell Beckham Jr. has mostly avoided having episodes on the sideline since being traded to the Cleveland Browns. That is no longer the case as Beckham was seen throwing his helmet and for some reason shoeless late during the loss to Pittsburgh.

First, Beckham throwing his helmet.

Being frustrated is understandable, the Browns were completely outclassed Sunday and they are not what many thought they were coming into this game. The helmet throw isn’t great, but is not something to harp on all that much. Beckham isn’t the first and won’t be the last player to throw a helmet on sideline. The deal is that when it comes to someone like Beckham it is amplified that much more.

Now it’s time for the real issues. Odell Beckham Jr. not wearing shoes and arguing on the sideline.

Why isn’t he wearing shoes? All of his teammates managed to have their cleats on and for some bizarre reason he decided that this was beneath him. Beckham only complicated matters when he decided to get into it with some fans.

The team is losing by 31 points and Beckham did not have an impressive performance. Being shoeless and arguing with fans is the furthest thing from a good look.

Here’s the deal, Odell Beckham Jr. has to be better than this. He has to grow up and not act like a child being told no at a toy store. Beckham’s actions show that the team still lacks culture and discipline. These are things that do not just happen overnight, they take time. The Browns still have a long way to go in this department and Sunday was more than enough evidence of that.

There is one thing that the Browns need to figure out. Was what happened Sunday a one-off incident or the beginning of a ticking time bomb waiting to explode? History says that latter, however the Browns can show they turned the corner by ensuring that this was a one time thing. What happens next will say a lot about the state of the Cleveland Browns and Odell Beckham Jr.


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