Odds for Cleveland Baseball Club’s new name

Odds for Cleveland Baseball Club’s new name

Betting odds for the new name for the baseball team based in Cleveland have been released and some are better than others.

Betonline has released betting odds for the new name for the Cleveland Baseball Club. Some are find and others not so much.

The leader is Spiders and overall that name has gotten a lukewarm response at best. Anthony Castrovince put out an excellent article detailing the history of the name this past weekend, but overall it is not that exciting.

Naps seems like a throwaway suggestion and only appears due to it being a former name when Nap Lajoie played in Cleveland over 100 years ago. Lajoie was a great player, but the name Naps brings little to the table.

Guardians is a name that is somewhat popular, but some also are less enthused about the idea.

Buckeyes is a popular option, but there are issues. Not only the fact that Ohio State plays in Columbus with that name, but the team that existed in Cleveland due to segregation. A long discussion would need to be had before seriously considering this option.

Wild Things is a throwaway option and an obvious nod to the movie Major League.

Dobys would be a tribute to Larry Doby, the American League’s first African-American player. This is the first time I’ve seen this name suggested.

Blue Sox is a play on a former name (Bluebirds/Blues) and the teams located in Chicago and Boston. Adding a third “Sox” team doesn’t seem all that enticing.

Rocks is reference to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There is more to Cleveland than the Rock Hall.

Cuyahogas is playing off their existing name which only would cause issues. Same as the name that does not appear on this list Tribe.

Crows? Disregard this nonsense.

Rockers is the name of the former WNBA team that played in Cleveland. Again, let’s avoid a name that references the Rock Hall.

Unions? Same as Crows, disregard.

Fellers would be a tribute to Bob Feller. It does not seem likely that the team would rebrand as a former players name.

Great Lakers seems like bad ripoff of the NBA team currently located in Los Angeles that once played in Minneapolis. Pass on this one.

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