Observations from Browns 32-23 win over Colts

Observations from Browns 32-23 win over Colts

Four observations from the Cleveland Browns 32-23 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Baker’s second half was awful

Baker Mayfield had a great statistical first half even though he was bailed out a couple of times by Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. The second half was not kind to Mayfield as he went 2-9 for 19 yards and 2 interceptions, including not completing a single pass in the 4th quarter. Passes were off target, Mayfield didn’t see defenders, and he tried to force throws when he shouldn’t. These are the same concerning things that have been seen for some time now and they do not appear to be fixable. The Browns front office and coaching staff need to keep this in mind as the season progresses.

Chubb was missed

Kareem Hunt did an alright job in filling in for Nick Chubb, finishing with 72 yards on 20 carries and catching 3 passes for 21 yards and a touchdown. D’Ernest Johnson even contributed a bit with 8 carries for 32 yards. Overall the Browns rushing attack had a productive day but it was not pretty. Yes this was against a tough defense, but having Chubb would have a made a difference. The combination of Hunt and Johnson can hold down the fort for the time being but once Chubb comes back the offense will be able to shift back into hyperdrive.

Sendejo still stinks

How much longer are the Cleveland Browns going to keep trotting Andrew Sendejo out there? Sendejo is someone who should not be starting at this point in his career. There has to be a better option somewhere on the roster and if not that really does not say a lot about their lack of talent at the position.

Time to put the trick plays on ice for a bit

Trick plays are fun, but it is their unpredictability that makes them work. Kevin Stefnaski has gone trick play heavy lately and they are no longer predictable. It is time to make them a bit more sporadic which will result in teams no longer expecting them. It is when they let their guard down that they will reach peak effectiveness. When the Browns face the Steelers next week they will be prepared for any and all trickery that Cleveland may have up their sleeve. This is something for Stefanski to keep in mind as he is putting the finishing touches on the game plan.


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