OBJ-Landry 7th on PFF’s top catching tandems

OBJ-Landry 7th on PFF’s top catching tandems

The Browns receiving duo is ranked as the seventh-best catching tandem in the NFL per Pro Football Focus.

After an earlier list from Pro Football Focus highlighting the top play callers in the NFL missed the mark, a new list is a bit more accurate. PFF’s Anthony Treash ranked the Browns receiving duo of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry as the seventh-best in the NFL.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry are definitely two of the most talented receivers in the game. The only problem is that their production has not matched their talent level over the last two seasons. A year under a bad coach, injuries, offensive style, combined with up and down quarterback play has led to numbers that are not what was initially expected of them.

For the most part there is not a lot to nitpick with this list, but there are two tandems present on the list on the list that are fairly questionable. Those tandems would be Tennessee’s and Atlanta’s. The reason why these are a bit questionable is that no one is quite sure what their dynamic will be.

Julio Jones was just traded from Atlanta to Tennessee to give them the second-best catching tandem on this list. There is the possibility that the Titans passing offense is not as prolific as some project it to be currently. Additionally, considering that Jones and A.J. Brown haven’t played together yet, ranking them second on the list may be a bit high at this current time and nobody reasonable would have complained if they were ranked just a bit lower due to that fact.

As far as Atlanta goes, Calvin Ridley is stepping into the number one receiver role while Kyle Pitts is yet to play a single NFL snap. The fact they appear on the list at all as of now is a bit premature. Perhaps once the upcoming season is over their appearance on the list could be justified, sometimes it is just better to wait for proven results and not project the unknown.

Overall this is far from the most egregious list put out by Pro Football Focus. Sure some shuffling and removal of one tandem could produce a better list, but that is really the only knock here.


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