NFL officials take spotlight from game they officiate


If you want analysis of what happened when a penalty flag did not get thrown by an NFL official you will not find it here.

Yes, the Browns had issues on both sides of the ball. Greg Robinson did something completely uncalled for by kicking someone in the head. Myles Garrett has to be smart enough to not have hit an opposing player in the head after the whistle. If you want the real story it is a ridiculously awful officiating performance. This is an embarrassment to the league. The NFL needs to address this absolute terrible performance from people who can literally change the outcome of a game. There was a focus on officiating mistakes this past offseason. In an attempt to lessen the impact of the mistakes, the NFL altered some rules. Allowing a review of certain calls. Today had a lot of mistakes.

Watching this game was equivalent of you being Charlie Brown, the NFL officials being Lucy and after you miss the football you get hit in nuts as you come crashing to the ground.

This is perhaps the best description of the debacle that the officiating in today’s game was. Try and pretend that is was equal and you’ll drive yourself crazy.  If you truly believe that it was fair and even do yourself a favor. Get an eye exam and a psych eval.

Every penalty on offense stalled a drive. Every penalty on defense extended a Titans drive. Most were egregious calls and very few were legitimate. There isn’t any more analysis needed, because this wasn’t a football game. This was a three-plus hour platform for the head official to hear himself talk. You want stats and the box score click here.

One last thing about the bias of the officiating crew that was quite apparent to everyone.

Does this sound like an individual who is unbiased? Or maybe it is possible that it sounds like someone who has some sort of issue with the team that he is supposed to be officiating?

In case you are wondering, it is the latter.

If the NFL even addresses this matter it may not be to the liking of anyone. Rather than do the right thing, it will not get the attention it deserves. Any announcement will most likely be done at a time so it does not draw negative attention to the league. That is how the NFL operates. Protect the shield and the hell with everyone else.

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