NFL fines Baker Mayfield over comments


To the absolute surprise of no one, the NFL has decided to continue the trend of fining players after criticizing lackluster officiating.

The problem with terrible officiating continues. Baker Mayfield was fined by the NFL after speaking out in regards to the absolute abysmal job the officials are doing. Mayfield was not the only player who was fined.

The NFL is trying to stop the players from speaking out about something that is apparent to everyone.

Bad officiating.

Each week there is a new fiasco and each week the NFL does nothing productive about it. The league would rather fine players for speaking out instead of fixing the actual issue. Piss poor officiating.

Criticism of officiating is nothing new, it has been done for years. It will continue to happen as long as the NFL stands by the terrible decisions of the officials. Calls are clearly being missed and reviews are not being evaluated properly. Instead of taking appropriate action, the NFL is standing by decisions that are clearly wrong.

Everyone is quite aware of the lackluster job the league is doing. Analysts and players alike have voiced their displeasure. The league fines the players to try and deter them from doing so further. It is trying to protect a reputation that they view is much better than it actually is. The fines the league are giving out are actually making the league look much worse. Fining players for voicing their opinion is doing more harm than good.

If things continue with fines and bad officiating, players are going to speak out. Especially if the calls continue to be as egregiously bad as they currently are.

If Baker Mayfield is unhappy with how the league enforces the rules he should continue to speak out. Even if the fines continue. The NFL can attempt to keep their players quiet with fines, but it will only magnify the glaring issues with the officials.

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