NBA practice facilities continue to be shut down

NBA practice facilities continue to be shut down

More and more NBA teams have shut down their practice facilities due to members of the organization testing positive for COVID-19.

This is something that seemed inevitable. NBA teams having to shut down their practice facilities before their restart set to take place in Orlando. Even with potential Bio-Domes in Orlando and possibly Chicago, nothing seems as safe as they may seem.

The Milwaukee Bucks, Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, and Brooklyn Nets have shut down their practice facilities at one point or another. The fact that members of these organizations are testing positive now means that others could later, possibility infiltrating the Bio-Dome in Orlando or Chicago.

The problem is that no matter how careful they are no bubble is secure. There will always be issues with keeping everything contained. No matter how hard the NBA tries, the Bio-Dome is not the solution that everyone hoped it would be. Even Bud and Doyle found a way in and out and they were morons. (Yes, I know it was a movie, but you get the idea).

The closer the NBA gets to returning and more organizations are having positive COVID-19 tests they must ask themselves one thing. Should they even bother coming back? As time goes on it seems like that answer should be no.

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