MLB return seems less and less likely

MLB return seems less and less likely

It was only yesterday that I pegged MLB returning with an all-time low from a percentage standpoint.

0.5%, that’s not good ladies and gentlemen. Now things seem to be getting worse as each day passes.

Both sides seem far apart and a resolution does not appear imminent. Some players such as the Indians Logan Allen have provided their side of the story since most of the coverage is unsurprisingly coming from an owner’s perspective. This is a good time to remind everyone to pay attention to how a story is being painted and to consider the source when info comes out.

There are a lot of stories/reports/tweets that is from an angle made to make the players look bad. Information from reports can be used to try and divide the two groups of players that exist. Those who get paid a lot and those on the other side of the spectrum. MLB has a serious issue going on right now that is making headlines for the wrong reasons. As long as there is information strategically being released to the public in an effort to make one side look greedy this problem will only continue. If baseball does return this season, it seems safer to bet on later rather than sooner.


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