MLB owners are a bunch of buffoons

MLB owners are a bunch of buffoons

The MLB owners have rejected the counter-proposal from the MLB players union as the standoff between the two sides continues.

A chance at a return to baseball has now hit an all-time low. The MLB players union made a proposal Sunday evening that has received a rather quick rejection from the owners. Before we dive in to their rejection, let’s take a look at the proposal.

Nothing too extreme here. Only real point of contention should be the amount of games and length of season, but besides that there is nothing that cannot be negotiated. Unfortunately the owners did not view things the same way.

If there has been one side that has been completely unreasonable it is the owners side. The owners keep refusing to open the books to prove their losses are as massive as they claim. The owners want to pay their players pennies on the dollar and in return get the product/performance expected for the full salary.

If MLB really wants to return this year it is the owners who need to give in, not the players. The billionaire owners are the ones who can afford to take the losses right now. The owners will own the team much longer than their players will be playing baseball. This means that they will have many more opportunities to make back the money they are losing this season. Their players are not afforded that same luxury.

If baseball is going to return in 2020 it is the owners who need to meet the demands of the players, not the other way around. If not, it is the stubbornness of the owners that will give baseball the death sentence that many have been expecting for quite some time.

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