Macaulay Culkin chimes in on Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield looked like a disheveled mess at the postgame press conference after Sunday’s loss to the Denver Broncos.

Baker Mayfield did indeed shave three times on Sunday, but this is not about that. After Cleveland’s to the Denver Broncos, Baker Mayfield looked a variety of things. A hobo, Randy Marsh from South Park and John Bender from The Breakfast Club were popular choices.

By far the one that got the most traction was The Wet Bandits from Home Alone. All of those comparisons are valid. Macaulay Culkin decided to chime in and have some fun with it. At first it was all fun and games.

Then Culkin followed that up with a predictable shot at Cleveland.

This is where we are at. The Browns are a complete disaster. Freddie Kitchens may be a one and done coach. Baker is not performing up to expectations and his thrown together look for the postgame presser brought an actor that a lot of people forgot about back into the picture. (To be clear I have not forgotten about Macaulay Culkin, I actually find him quite entertaining. The Pizza Underground is a hilarious concept).

Macaulay Culkin making fun of Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns perfectly sums up the disastrous season that has been witnessed. Maybe things will change over the final eight games, but the way things have gone so far that does not seem all that likely. At 2-6 all hopes for the playoffs are all but gone and right now the Browns would have a Top-10 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

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