Logan Allen provides input on MLB dispute

Logan Allen provides input on MLB dispute

Cleveland Indians pitcher Logan Allen took to twitter to prove some input and clear some things up when it comes to the ongiong MLB discussion.

When it comes to the labor and pay dispute currently going on in Major League Baseball there is a lot going on that makes things difficult. Cleveland Indians pitcher Logan Allen hopped on twitter in an effort to clear some things up.

It all started when Allen quote tweeted Jake Diekman.

Allen is letting people know that there is a lot of information out there and even the players do not know what is going on. Lastly states he wants to represent Cleveland, a pretty tame start.

Logan Allen then quote tweeted Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports.

After that it was go time.

Allen makes it abundantly clear that he does not have a part in the negations. The fact of that matter is that this is true for a large amount of players. It is not as simple as some make it seem.

Another response claimed that teams would go bankrupt and that was shot down rather quickly.

Another quote tweet from Allen, this time it is a tweet from Kevin Pillar. Pillar was making it known about the percentage of players making $1 million or less, a far cry from the Mike Trout’s and Gerritt Cole’s of the world everyone is focused on.

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