Let’s blame reverse retro for Blue Jackets loss

Let’s blame reverse retro for Blue Jackets loss

The Columbus Blue Jackets debuted their reverse retro jersey and the play on the ice was far from good.

Look good, feel good, play good. Seems like a pretty simple concept right? Well, this did not apply to the Columbus Blue Jackets Tuesday night as they debuted their reverse retro jersey. From start to finish the Blue Jackets did not play well, as a whole they lacked a sense of urgency when in the attacking zone. Watching their lack of execution continues to be an exercise in frustration. Joonas Korpisalo allowed four goals, but they were not all of his fault. To make things seem a little less bleak, let’s lay all of the blame of the 6-3 loss to Dallas on this jersey.

Just a sidetone for a second. How could they make Patrik Laine make his Blue Jackets debut in this disaster? This will forever be a lasting image for Laine as long as he is in Columbus and the reverse retro jersey is what they decided to go with.

Without anything that can be considered scientific or analytical, let’s just blame their poor performance on the jersey. Who would really want to play in these jerseys? They use the former Blue Jackets logo which was way too busy, and the overall design from composition to color scheme is less than inspiring. This jersey just needs to go and not make another appearance this season. Columbus has other options that they can turn to that look significantly better than this and the Blue Jackets have also played better in them as well.


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