“Lack of market” for Kevin Love

“Lack of market” for Kevin Love

If the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to trade the five time All-Star they may be out of luck as there does not appear to be a trade market.

It seems like ever since Kevin Love arrived in Cleveland anyone and everyone was putting together trade proposals to send him elsewhere. Now that the Cavs may actually be in a position to trade Love, there may not be a market for him. Former Memphis Grizzlies Vice President of Basketball Operations John Hollinger discussed this subject on Chad Ford’s NBA Big Board podcast.

I don’t think there’s any market for him at all. I had people openly scoff at me last year when I was bringing up Kevin Love trades.

John Hollinger in regards to a lack of trade market for Kevin Love

This is pretty alarming if the Cavs are set on trading Kevin Love. A team attempting to trade a player without a market will not net the return that they are hoping for. Even with the reported lack of market for Love, this could be a blessing in disguise. The Cavs could play out the season until the trade deadline and field calls for Love and Andre Drummond when they will have leverage in trade talks. A market for one, if not both players could emerge during the season resulting in a desirable return through trade.

The Cavaliers are in situation where they can just sit and wait as they do not have to trade either player. It is best to look at this situation from a broad perspective and focus on the long term results rather than the short term gratification everyone desires.


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