Kevin Porter Jr. deserves a chance to start

Kevin Porter Jr. deserves a chance to start

Cleveland Cavaliers small forward Kevin Porter Jr. proved that he deserves a chance to start when the next NBA season begins.

There was one player that may have caught people by surprise last season, Kevin Porter Jr. The Cavaliers rookie just had that look and feel of a player that a team should build around. Porter quickly jumped ahead of other players on the roster as the most exciting player to watch when he is on the court. The offense just looks different with Porter on the court. Things that were not possible without Porter suddenly became a regular occurrence. There is just the it factor with Porter on the court. The fact of the matter is that Kevin Porter Jr. deserves a chance to start for the Cleveland Cavaliers next season.

As a rookie, Porter made 44.2% of his field goal attempts including 33.5% from three-point range. These numbers should improve as Porter matures as a player and gets more accustomed to the NBA style of play. The more time Porter player the more comfortable he will be. Putting Porter in the starting lineup can help accelerate this process.

If Kevin Porter Jr. is going to start that means moving Cedi Osman to a bench role. This is a scenario which would benefit both players. Porter should be an integral part of the Cavaliers offensively and moving Osman to the bench would be the best way to maximize his skill set. Porter alongside Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, Kevin Love, and Andre Drummond would be an interesting starting lineup to say the least. Perhaps this could lead to sorting out the best roles for Sexton and Garland while determine the long term outlooks for Love and Drummond. Either way, Porter needs to be in the starting lineup.

One final thing. The Cleveland Cavaliers are still a team that is little bit away from being a contender. Sorting out which players are going to be part of the long term future is crucial to the team building process. It’s time to put Kevin Porter Jr. in the starting lineup and figure out who the core players are going to be.


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