Jim Rome is sticking with Browns

Jim Rome

While many people are quickly jumping of the Cleveland Browns bandwagon, Jim Rome has decided to stay with what he refers to as America’s Team.

Jim Rome is sticking with the the Browns. It was certainly easy for many bandwagon fans to abandon the Browns after Sunday’s defeat. Rome is not one of them. 

Jim Rome is sticking with America’s Team, the Cleveland Browns.  Rome proceeds to go through a list of reasons that some may abandon or criticize the Browns. If you didn’t know better it could have been Colin Cowherd’s show prep sheet. Rome is the anti-Cowherd, he is behind the Browns and actually sees the promise the team has rather than being a troll who continuously pines for the affection of Sam Darnold. 

Jim Rome claims he started the Browns bandwagon. Rome got on early and championed the Browns while many criticized them at every turn. Now saying he built this thing is a bit of a stretch. Cleveland does not need an architect to attract fans. Jim Rome can take all the credit he wants, but he really did not create anything besides positive attention. Something that many refuse to give the team.

The reality is that Browns fans really don’t need a bandwagon.  Cleveland sticks by their team through thick and thin. The only ones who jump on and jump off are bandwagoners. Cleveland will welcome bandwagon fans on to enjoy the ride but once you get off they will not beg them to return. 

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