Jedrick Wills Jr. selected 10th by Browns

Jedrick Wills Jr. selected 10th by Browns

The Cleveland Browns have selected Alabama offensive tackle Jedrick Wills Jr. with the 10th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Cleveland Browns resisted the temptation of trading down and instead made the wise decision to draft a player 10th overall. The player? Alabama’s Jedrick Wills Jr.

Jedrick Wills Jr. was a right tackle at Alabama, but it is worth nothing that his quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was a lefty. There will still be a transition period, but it may not be as extreme as some may believe. Not too long ago Andrew Berry downplayed the difference between the tackle positions. Maybe he was giving some clues to who their pick would be ahead of time.

Cleveland needed a tackle in the worst way and they opted to get one of the top prospects. The Browns offense line is no longer the liability it appeared to be before the draft. Now the only position in need of improvement on the line is right guard, but the need is not as desperate as the tackle position was.

With the improvements on the offensive line there will be no excuses for Baker Mayfield this season. Mayfield has all the protection he needs and his success or failure is solely on his shoulders.

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