It was just not the time for Cleveland in the playoffs

It was just not the time for Cleveland in the playoffs

With losing two consecutive games to the New York Yankees, it was just not the time for the Cleveland Baseball Club in the postseason.

There were multiple times in Wednesday’s 10-9 loss to the New York Yankees that it appeared that Cleveland would be hosting a Game 3. Obviously a third game is not happening as Cleveland lost yet again to the Yankees. Looking back on the two games the team played it really is quite apparent that it was not the time for the Cleveland Baseball Club to make a postseason run.

The fact of the matter is that there was one complete team on the field last night and it was the Yankees. Even though New York found themselves down multiple times they fought back and eventually won. The Yankees were able to slug their way back into the game and take advantage of mistakes by Cleveland center fielder Delino DeShields. That is the difference between the two teams, being able to make the opponent pay when they make a mistake. Cleveland failed in that area and would not have been able to accomplish that even if they had Tim Misny in their dugout.

The reality is that now is just not the time for Cleveland. Next year might not be the time either. The difference between a team that is ready (New York) and a team that isn’t (Cleveland) was magnified over the past two nights and it really shows just how far they have to go in order to win a game, much less make a run. There are a few players with uncertain futures and their departures will only make a time of contention further away. There is a lot of work and changes that need to be made and nothing can be done in one offseason that will suddenly make them serious World Series contenders.


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