Is a draft day trade of Duke Johnson coming?

Is a draft day trade of Duke Johnson coming?

Even though the Cleveland Browns have stated they do not want to trade Duke Johnson, could a trade on draft day be in the cards?

Cleveland Browns general manager has stated he does not intend to trade running back Duke Johnson. Head coach Freddie Kitchens apparently views him as integral to their offense next season. All of this does not change the fact that Johnson requested a trade. It is clear that Johnson does not view that he has a longterm future in Cleveland with the current stable of running backs on the roster. Nick Chubb is the obvious starter with the suspended Kareem Hunt coming in as a reinforcement halfway through the season. Johnson is the odd man out and he sees that. Even though Cleveland has stated they will not trade Johnson, could a trade still happen on draft day?

A move back into the first round could make a trade of Duke Johnson possible.

There is a feeling among some that John Dorsey may try to move back into the first round. (Cleveland does not have a first round pick this season due to the trade for Odell Beckham Jr.). There is the possibility that if the right player is still available towards the end of the first round that Dorsey could make his move. A move that could include Duke Johnson. The Browns statements in regards to Johnson could be an act to inflate his value and make him more desirable. Even though the talent he possesses in conjunction with his affordable contract (three years and $15.6 million remaining) may be enough to make a move without artificially increasing trade interest.

Of course it would take more than just Cleveland’s second rounder and Duke Johnson to move up. At least one more high-round pick would be required for such a move in addition some to mid-rounders. It all depends on whether John Dorsey finds himself in a position to make a move and draft someone he really likes. Dorsey already has shown that he has zero attachment to players picked by the previous regime (with the exception of a select few). If Dorsey can move Johnson to draft an impact player from the start it is hard to imagine he would pass up that opportunity.

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