Indians: Why not Marwin Gonzalez?

Indians: Why not Marwin Gonzalez?

While the Indians did not enter this offseaon with the intention to spend in free agency, the fact Marwin Gonzalez is still available should change that.

Marwin Gonzalez signing with the Cleveland Indians is not all that likely. Considering the fact that ESPN’s Buster Olney reported earlier that Gonzalez was seeking quite a bit of money in free agency. Apparently it was in the ballpark of $60 million. While that number is obviously out of the Indians comfort zone, apparently it is out of every other teams too. Marwin Gonzalez is still a free agent and Spring Training is fast approaching.

Yes, Marwin Gonzalez is about to be 30 and this is not exactly the type of player Cleveland is after. Cleveland is looking for younger players to add to their current core. Considering that Gonzalez is still unsigned, it is possible that the Tribe could convince him to sign a one-year deal. While it is not extremely likely, given the options of a one-year deal now or taking even less later, a one-year deal with Cleveland would be hard to pass up.

Francisco Lindor’s injury opens up a possibility

Add in the fact that the Indians just lost their starting shortstop Francisco Lindor to injury and the versatility of Marwin Gonzalez, this seems to be a better match than some might think. Gonzalez could fill in for Lindor until he returns and upon his return serve as the super utility man many teams covet. In fact Gonzalez could even see regular time in the outfield if necessary. In the infield Gonzalez can give regular starters day off when needed. Gonzalez has bailed out the Astros previously in similar situations and could do the same for the Indians.

Granted there have been exactly zero rumors connecting to the two parties. Cleveland has even stated that they have on intention in spending large amounts money on free agents. Although sometimes a player sort of just hangs around long enough that he ends up taking almost any deal presented to him. That is exactly where Marwin Gonzalez is right now. A super versatile player waiting for a job. If Cleveland has not reached out to Gonzalez yet, they would be wise to do so. Marwin Gonzalez probably will not be available for much longer with Spring Training right about to start.


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