Indians need to play Oscar Mercado

Indians need to play Oscar Mercado

The Cleveland Indians called up outfielder Oscar Mercado to help the team offensively but so far has only appeared in one game. That needs to change.

There is a reason the Cleveland Indians called up Oscar Mercado. The offense was not performing up to expectations and needed a jolt. Most expected that jolt to be Oscar Mercado, but so far he has only appeared in one game. This is unacceptable.

While Mercado did go 0-4 with three strikeouts in his first game that is not a reason to not play him. Many players who get the call will struggle early on. What is not helping matters is the fact that Carlos Gonzalez went 3-4 with an RBI and a walk the following day. It is quite possible that the team thought this to be the time Gonzalez finally breaks out. Gonzalez got a late start to the season and sometimes it takes about this long to get going.

With the Indians roster construction at this point in time there is an open designated hitter position. Cleveland does not have a true DH on the roster and that spot could be used for Gonzalez if the team really wants him in the lineup. This would leave the outfield open to Jake Bauers, Leonys Martin, Jordan Luplow and of course Oscar Mercado. Cleveland could even put Bauers at DH to get the other three outfielders in the game. There are multiple ways to get Mercado’s bat in the lineup.

The reason that Mercado did not start with the big league club at the start of the season is that they wanted him to get consistent at-bats. However sitting game after game after the call up is the complete opposite of that. Cleveland’s offense is inconsistent and there is an opportunity to play Mercado on a regular basis. Cleveland is already getting production from Jordan Luplow’s extended playing time. Cleveland should give the same opportunity to Oscar Mercado.

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