Hue Jackson misremembers time with Browns

Hue Jackson

Former Browns head coach Hue Jackson apparently does not remember how things went in Cleveland and calls it some of his best coaching.

3-36-1. This is Hue Jackson’s record during his time with the Cleveland Browns. Apparently Hue Jackson thinks that this performance would warrant another NFL team giving him the chance to coach.

The thing about his time in Cleveland is that once he was shown the door the team immediately improved. That simply does not happen if the head coach is not a glaring issue. The fact that Cleveland went from a team that could not finish the job and win to a team that could do just that is pretty telling. Gregg Williams coached the final half of the season and matched Jackson’s win total in just five games.

Jackson’s game plan routinely included mind boggling decisions. Abandoning the run when up and the clock is your friend. Throwing Baker Mayfield under the bus when he did not progress in the manner he would like. The same Baker Mayfield who had one of the best rookie seasons for a quarterback ever. If Mayfield is progressing in a manner that Jackson does not like, good. That means Mayfield is turning into an actual NFL quarterback.

Here is the deal. Hue Jackson is the worst head coach in NFL history. The only coach with a worse record owned the team he was coaching. Sure if Jackson wants to think that this was some of his best coaching he has done, that’s fine. He’s wrong, but again that’s fine.

Appearing on WFNZ 102.5 FM in Charlotte, Hue Jackson was quite busy trying to spin his disastrous tenure as Browns head coach.

“I’ve said this before, I think during those times, it was probably some of the best coaching I did contrary to what people think, because you’re always doing anything and everything you can to find a way to win,” 

Hue Jackson on WFNZ 102.5 FM

There is also the little tidbit at the end. “Doing anything and everything you can to find a way to win”. Anyone who watched Jackson coach the Browns would be able to definitively say this did not happen. If Hue Jackson and Mike Silver want to remain living in fantasyland cool, enjoy the ride. The rest of us will continue our time in reality knowing that Hue Jackson was a clueless individual who had no business lasting as long as he did on the sidelines in Cleveland.

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