How will the Cavaliers draft impact their roster?


The Cleveland Cavaliers added three players in the NBA Draft but just how will that impact their future roster decisions?

Adding Darius Garland, Dylan Windler and Kevin Porter Jr. is a step in the right direction for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team clearly lacked sufficient playmakers on their roster. This was one of the many reasons they struggled so much last season. Now that the Cavaliers are doing something to try and rectify the situation that leaves several players in limbo. The team is expected to part ways with J.R. Smith at some point this offseason, but others still may be moved.

Jordan Clarkson, Matthew Dellavedova and Brandon Knight are players who Cleveland could move in an effort to give their younger players playing time. Garland is a point guard and his fit with Collin Sexton (also a point guard) has been questioned from the start. While some believe the team is following the Portland model in regards to their guards, this leaves the others on the outside looking in. Clarkson, Dellavedova and Knight are all guards. There simply is not enough time in a game for everyone. Of course there is the possibility that the Cavaliers go super-small with their rotations. Although having that many guards on the roster is still not the best way to build their team.

Part of the reason that Collin Sexton was able to develop last season was having enough playing time. Moving some of their other guards who may help out contenders could give minutes to some of their rookies and other younger players. This is the most optimal way for the team to develop at this moment in time. The reality is the team is not necessarily a contender this upcoming season. Allowing the young players on the roster the chance to gel will help the future of the Cavaliers. A concept that the team truly needs to embrace.

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