How many more chances for Antonio Callaway?

How many more chances for Antonio Callaway?

It seems like the Cleveland Browns are willing to give wide receiver Antonio Callaway plenty of opportunites to get himself together. How many is too many?

When will it be enough with Antonio Callaway? There’s a certain scale when it comes to acquiring players with off the field issues and performance on the field.  This scale has been used frequently by John Dorsey when building teams. Callaway is just one player on the Cleveland Browns who has been brought in with this method. That’s just the deal with the devil a team signs when having John Dorsey build your team. Sure, he brings in talented players. These players often have some sort of issue that makes them persona non grata to other franchises. 

Callaway continues to have issues and is not producing on the field. Eventually there will be a time when Cleveland seems destined to move in a different direction and that time appears to be only drawing closer. 

Antonio Callaway was a surprise inactive Sunday after showing up late before the game. The team decided that a one game punishment would be suitable for his tardiness. This is just the latest incident in a long list of off the field issues for Callaway. 

For some bizarre reason Cleveland continues to give Antonio Callaway chances. If Callaway was one of the best players in the league at his position it would be understandable. Callaway isn’t even third-best on his own team. Callaway seems to frequently not run the correct routes or be an integral part of the game plan. 

If Antonio Callaway wants to remain in Cleveland, the talent will have to outweigh the risk. So far that has not been the case and it would be understandable if Cleveland decides to move on from Callaway sooner rather than later. 

When evaluating whether they keep Callaway or not, the Cleveland Browns need to ask themselves one thing.

If Antonio Callaway can’t manage to get to the game on time, does he really care?

If the answer is anything but yes he’s got to go.


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