Greg Robinson won’t face suspension

Greg Robinson

Cleveland Browns left tackle Greg Robinson is lucky to only recieve a fine and not be suspended for his actions during Sunday’s loss.

Greg Robinson just needs to be smarter. There is no excuse for what he did on Sunday. Kicking Kenny Vaccaro in the head is unacceptable. It does not matter whether or not Robinson is experiencing frustration.

Greg Robinson claims that it was not on purpose but it sure as hell looked like it. Not only did he kick once, after he missed he kicked again. Robinson cannot do that. His actions certainly put the Browns offensive line in a bad spot and only made things more difficult.

The NFL will not suspend Greg Robinson but will receive a fine. This is not all that surprising considering his ejection from the game. Had Robinson not been ejected a suspension could have been given to Robinson.  

The Browns dodged a huge bullet. Their offensive line has issues and losing their starting left tackle for any length of time would be detrimental to their offense. Robinson is not an elite left tackle. In fact he is far from it. But the reality is that he is better than the other options that the Browns currently have.

Greg Robinson cannot do this again

In the future Greg Robinson needs to keep his cool. Opposing teams are going to do everything they can to get under their skin. Cleveland has received plenty of attention coming into this season. Any tactic to potentially gain an advantage will be exhausted in an effort in order to win.

As seen in the above video, Titans coach Mike Vrabel does a bit of a celebration after Robinson is ejected.

Maybe next time Greg Robinson will take his frustration out in a productive manner rather than one that hurts the team. Perhaps a pancake block could be in order. Clearing a path for a big run would also be productive. Literally anything other than being a piece of garbage and kicking someone in the head.

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