Francisco Lindor not entertaining extension offers

Francisco Lindor not entertaining extension offers

Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor has not been willing to discuss contract extension offers from the Cleveland Indians.

Keith Law joined the Bull and Fox show on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland and provided some insight into the situation involving Francisco Lindor. That situation being the attempts to sign Lindor to a contract extension.

What has been known is that Cleveland wants to keep Francisco Lindor. The only issue has been how much it would cost to keep him in an Indians uniform. Lindor knows his value and what he will make on the open market. If Cleveland is coming with extension offers that are not in the ballpark of what it would require to sign him to an extension, the non-existent negotiations are understandable. On the open market Lindor would command a large contract and a hometown discount is not under consideration.

Keith Law would add some of his own insight and some more information in regards to Cleveland and Lindor.

Cleveland is not known to open up the checkbook to pay their players. This may have been different when it comes to Lindor, but being skeptical here is very much understandable. It almost seems inevitable that Francisco Lindor will go to free agency and sign a contract elsewhere. That is unless the Indians trade Lindor before he has the chance to do so.

This really seems like it could have been an attempt to save face by the Indians. With the release of this specific information it sounds like it is coming from one side of the negotiation and it is not Lindor’s. How can Cleveland’s front office make it so they are not the bad guy? By releasing little bits of information in attempt to change the opinion of the player and deflect blame from themselves.

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