Finally! Browns fire Hue Jackson


It finally happened, the Cleveland Browns fired Hue Jackson.

After 40 painful games and only three wins to show for it the Cleveland Browns have fired Hue Jackson. ¬†Jackson leaves Cleveland with a record of 3-36-1 and an overall coaching record of 11-44-1. The only person with a worse head coaching record with a minimum of 40 games coached is Bert Bell. Bell’s record is a lowly 10-46-2. The difference between Jackson and Bell is that Bell owned his team so his job was never in danger. Keeping that in mind Jackson must be considered the worst head coach of all-time.

In addition to relieving Jackson, Todd Haley was also let go Monday. From the start it did not appear that the Jackson-Haley partnership would work out. In the very first episode of Hard Knocks the two had a highly publicized confrontation and from that point on their strained relationship was at the forefront.

According to reports Haley essentially ignored Jackson and did whatever he wanted in regards to play calling. Considering Jacksons’s lack of success in that department over the past two seasons this was the right move. Haley at least had the Browns scoring points on a fairly consistent basis, a feat that Jackson seemingly never was able to accomplish.

Their power struggle led to firings

After the Browns loss to Tampa Bay, Hue Jackson mentioned he wanted to be more involved in the offense. This could not have made Todd Haley happy. The next day Jackson changed course and claimed that Haley has total autonomy with the offense. Jackson’s attempt to seize power in the organization is hardly a surprise, Jackson has done this several times before. In fact this tactic led him to ultimately being fired in Oakland.

In what is a wise decision John Dorsey and Jimmy Haslam opted to fire both Jackson and Haley. This prevents a divide in the locker room from forming if only one were fired. Instead of some feeling that their guy on the coaching staff “lost”, both are gone so the team can move forward.

Hue Jackson’s decisions never resulted in Browns victories

The NFL is a results based business and the results Hue Jackson got were unacceptable. In fact there was not one thing Jackson did that directly led to a Browns win. A blocked field goal in 2016 gives Cleveland their lone win that season. An injury to Tyrod Taylor brings in Baker Mayfield who leads a comeback against the Jets. In all honestly Cleveland had no business beating Baltimore. All of the wins credited to Jackson in Cleveland were the product of outside factors. A coach is supposed to make decisions and impact the game to get a team closer to victory. With Jackson this never happened.

Hue Jackson always had excuses or threw anyone under the bus so he would look good

Almost immediately after the news broke some “reporters” were spinning away to make Hue Jackson look like he got a raw deal. The fact is he did not. Jackson knew what he was getting into when he accepted the Browns job. Cleveland was going through a rebuild, everyone in the world knew that. There were other offers on the table, but ¬†Jackson decided to come to Cleveland. Jackson and his reporter friends may never admit it, but they knew the plan all along.

Now the Browns can move on and hopefully into a positive direction. Jackson is no longer in charge and a team full of bright young stars may be finally able to turn into something worthwhile.

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