Duke Johnson still wants to be traded

Duke Johnson

When Cleveland Browns running back Duke Johnson was asked about his earlier trade request he stated he still wants to be traded.

Chalk this up as the least surprising development this offseason. Duke Johnson still wants to be traded. After arriving at mandatory minicamp Johnson was asked about the matter.

Duke Johnson went on to add the following.

There are two things to take away from this statement.

First off he will still do his job. This is a good thing for the Browns considering their running back depth at this current point in time. The starter is clearly Nick Chubb. Eventually Kareem Hunt will see time in the backfield. Hunt is suspended for the first half the season making Johnson that much more important. Without Johnson there is not a backup or change of pace running back to start the year. This leaves the Browns in a bad spot if there is an injury. Additionally when Chubb needs a break they will need someone to turn to. For the time being that appears to be Johnson.

The second thing to take away from Johnson’s statement is in regards to the trade request. Being miffed when being placed on the trade block is completely understandable. A player would rather be wanted than viewed as expendable. Johnson apparently feels the Browns see him as expendable. Wanting to be a part of an organization that values you is what any person wants. This goes for non-athletes as well. Why would someone want to stay in an organization that does not them? There is not a reason for that logic. Wanting to move on and get a fresh start makes absolute and complete perfect sense.

The Cleveland Browns made it clear that they want to move on from Duke Johnson. Johnson returned the favor and requested a trade. It is the best for everyone to make a trade.

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