Discipline will be key for Browns in Pittsburgh


The discipline of the Cleveland Browns will be tested when they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the hostile environment that is Heinz Field.

It is not a secret that the Cleveland Browns are undisciplined. They lead the league in penalties and ejections. The discipline of the Cleveland Browns (or lack thereof) will be tested in Pittsburgh on Sunday. Heinz Field is a hostile environment. It is never easy to win in Pittsburgh, even if the Steelers are not performing up to their high standards.

The goal of the crowd and possibly the Steelers will be to get under the Browns skin. This could potentially lead to unnecessary penalties (most likely) or even an ejection (still very possible). No, another brawl is not what anyone wants or needs. In fact, it is the last thing that both teams need. Another round of suspensions would torpedo the playoff hopes of either team.

It is going to be on Freddie Kitchens and the rest of the coaching staff to get the Browns ready for Sunday. This goes beyond X’s and O’s. This is purely about discipline and culture. There has not been anything that has shown an improvement in team discipline at any point this season. The Browns may have blown out the Dolphins, but they still committed seven penalties along the way. Cleveland may be talented enough to get away with that many penalties against a team like Miami, but against real teams such as the Steelers and Ravens this will not fly. Committing this many penalties on the road against a division rival will result in a loss more often than not.

A loss on Sunday to Pittsburgh coupled with a ton of penalties and lack of discipline will without a doubt restart the conversations about the future of Freddie Kitchens in Cleveland.

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