Dear Browns fans, Do not embrace the “Danger Rag”


There is now a “Danger Rag” being marketed to fans of the Cleveland Browns. Do not embrace this lackluster attempt of a rally towel.

There are a lot of people who are excited for the upcoming Browns season. This has led to some questionable creations as a result. Perhaps the most questionable is this latest creation. The “Danger Rag”.

Browns fans, this next part is very important.

Do not embrace the “Danger Rag”.

First things first. This is very similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers “Terrible Towel“. Why would Browns fans want to wave something so similar to that of their most hated rival? They shouldn’t. If there is a chance some may view it as Steelers related, dismiss it immediately.

Secondly the “I woke up feeling dangerous” line cannot be used for everything Browns related. If the line has not been beaten to death already, it is damn close. With such an iconic line that Baker Mayfield dropped it has to be used carefully. It will lose its luster just as quick as it appeared.

Next is the name. It is terrible. There is nothing about a “Danger Rag” that is imposing. In fact many will laugh at the idea of a “Danger Rag”. Pittsburgh’s “Terrible Towel” is not only an institution at Steelers games, the name is better. The alliteration used with the letter “T” just gives it a name that flows better. “Danger Rag” just sort of sounds like a cheap knockoff. Which is actually what it is.

A little bit more creative might be useful next time when attempting to create something Browns related. Rather than creating a bush league rip-off, something original may be the better way to go.

There are plenty of things that already exist to cheer on the Browns that are not rip-offs of other ideas.

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  1. How about a doggerchief? They have the dog pound. wave a hankerchief with a dog on it.


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