Could Cavs trade for Ben Simmons?

Could Cavs trade for Ben Simmons?

The Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly believe they can put together a good enough package to acquire Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons.

This would be interesting. according to Chris Fedor of, the Cleveland Cavaliers “believe they have enough to assemble an enticing package” for Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons. Fedor would later add the following:

Those picks, combined with one of the young guys and some salary filler, is a good start. It’s also why the Cavs have spent the first few years of the post-LeBron era stockpiling assets. In any potential trade discussion, the Cavs would cling tightest to Kevin Porter Jr.

Whether or not Philadelphia would actually consider what Cleveland has to offer is not known, but if they were shopping Ben Simmons they would have to entertain trade proposals from multiple teams including the Cavs.

A move for Ben Simmons would help speed up the rebuild process in the second post-LeBron era. The one concern with Simmons is health. Simmons missed his entire rookie season and an injury in the bubble has more than likely ended his 2020 season. Cleveland has to consider the injury risk with acquiring someone like Simmons. If Simmons is able to stay healthy and avoid further injuries it would help propel the Cavs out of the basement of the Eastern Conference. If not, it would be an expensive move that would delay the Cavs rebuild even further. A scenario that they would like to avoid.


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