Corey Kluber appears to be done in 2019

Corey Kluber

The 2019 season certainly appears to be over for Cleveland Indians two-time Cy Young Award winning starting pitcher Corey Kluber.

It does not appear that Corey kluber will pitch for the Cleveland Indians again this season.  Kluber last pitched for the Tribe on May 1. 

Corey Kluber is working his way back from a setback during a different recovery process. Kluber suffered a fractured right ulna off a line drive and had been sidelined since. He experienced an oblique injury in a rehab start. This oblique injury put his recovery process on hold as this now takes priority over everything else. This means his throwing program is halted. Working his pitch count back up is put on hold.  Kluber’s oblique is the focus and it will take a long time to heal. 

Kluber is currently rehabbing with aquatic exercises in an effort to recover. The problem? This is a very basic part of the recovery process. Oblique injuries for pitchers can last a long time. A lot longer than the Indians have remaining in the season. Kluber may not even be 100% when next season begins. It took Justin Verlander a long time to regain his form after an abdominal injury. It could take just as long for Kluber to return to anything resembling his two-time Cy Young Award winning self. The amount of torque placed on the core of a pitcher due to the twisting motion from pitching places a lot of stress on the area. Getting back to full strength takes a long, long time.

The reality is that the Cleveland Indians pitching staff has been able to make things work for the most part without Corey Kluber. They are still fighting for their playoff lives, but seems they can manage without unnecessarily rushing Kluber back. This could certainly mean that the 2019 season is over for Corey Kluber. After that the Indians have some big decisions regarding his future with the team.

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