Collin Sexton worked on his passing this offseason

Collin Sexton worked on his passing this offseason

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton stated that he worked on his passing a lot during the extended offseason this summer.

If there is one area of his game that Collin Sexton gets criticized for on a regular basis it his passing. As a rookie he did not necessarily excel in that area, often getting tunnel vision while driving the lane and missing open teammates. This led Sexton only averaging 3 assists as a rookie. This number did not change during his second season as his assist average remained at 3.

Collin Sexton stated that he worked on his passing this offseason while meeting with the media Wednesday. This is music to the ears of a lot of people.

Collin Sexton improving on his passing will be crucial not only to his development, but the overall performance of the Cavs. Cleveland needs to figure out exactly how the dynamic will work between Sexton and Darius Garland. Sexton improving helps make things a bit more clear when it comes to this duo.

Are Sexton’s low assist numbers unfairly criticized? Absolutely. There is nothing that he can do if he finds an open teammate and they miss the shot. Although he was not necessarily dynamic in the assist department during his one season at Alabama (3.6 APG in 33 games). Add in that Sexton barely averages half an assist more than he turns the ball over and that is not exactly encouraging.

Collin Sexton does not need to become John Stockton in order for the Cleveland Cavaliers to be successful. Sexton just needs to show signs of improvement and see his turnover percentage drop for the second consecutive season (12.3-11.6). If Sexton can accomplish this things will be looking bright for the Cavs as they look to build a foundation for the future.


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