Cleveland needs to commit to a name change

Cleveland needs to commit to a name change

It is time for the Cleveland Baseball Club to commit to a name change and put their current moniker in the rearview mirror.

It has been almost three weeks since the Cleveland Baseball Club tweeted that they are evaluating their team name.

Since then it’s been relatively quiet on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario. Outside of a few reports and stories popping every once in a while about internal discussions, there has not been a commitment from the team to state what they are doing with the name. It is time to commit to changing their name.

Only discussions about a possible change are happening. There is not a commitment from ownership stating their intentions to change the name.

The Washington Football Team has committed to a change since announcing their evaluation of their name. Their evaluation began just before Cleveland’s and their commitment to a new name has come since. Only crickets can be heard in Cleveland in regards to their process.

While there are difficulties considering the MLB season is set to begin soon, there are ways around it. Cleveland has two sets of uniforms that simply say “Cleveland’ on them that they could use. This would allow them to retire their name while continuing the process of finding and trademarking a new name. Is this a perfect solution? No, but it provides a way to distance themselves from a racially insensitive name and at the same time not have to attempt an impossible overnight overhaul.


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