Cleveland Cavaliers hire John Beilein

John Beilein

The Cleveland Cavaliers have found their new head coach, John Beilein. Beilein spent the past 12 seasons coaching at the University of Michigan.

In a move that surprised many, the Cleveland Cavaliers hired John Beilein to be the next head coach. Beilein was not mentioned as candidate at any point throughout the coaching search.

As Adrian Wojnarowski mentions it is a five-year deal for Beilein. The length of the deal and the decision to level Michigan is a bit curious. Beilein is 66 years old and if he lasts the duration of contract he will be 71 at its conclusion. The only knock against the decision to hire Beilein is age. Outside of his age this is a fantastic hire.

John Beilein has been one of the best coaches in college basketball over the past several years. Many have praised his ability to run a clean program and get the most out of his players. Beilein compiled a 278-150 record with the Wolverines. This has led to Beilein being tied for the most NCAA Tournament wins since 2013.

The only difference between Beilein and the others on this list is that he is the only one without a title. Even without a title his run at Michigan is still very impressive. Beilein only missed the tournament three times in 12 seasons at Michigan. Michigan reached the Final Four twice, both ending in losses in the National Title Game.

John Beilein will need to lean on all of the experience he accumulated during his 27 years as a college head coach. This is experience that could help him in what will be a continuing rebuilding process for the Cleveland Cavaliers. There will be plenty of young players on the roster in the next few years. John Beilein will need to be able to guide the inevitable influx of young players in order to turn things around from the disastrous 2018-19 season.

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