Cavs still keeping tabs on Ben Simmons

Cavs still keeping tabs on Ben Simmons

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly still keeping tabs on the Philadelphia 76ers star.

Even after acquiring Lauri Markkanen, extending Jarrett Allen, and drafting Evan Mobley, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still looking at potential roster moves. One rumor that seems resistant to going away is the reported interested in Ben Simmons.

Marc Stein is reporting that the Cavaliers are still trying to “pry away” Ben Simmons from Philly. Having interest in someone reportedly on the move is hardly surprising, but from a team building standpoint it is quite confusing considering their current roster construction. At a bare minimum the Cavs would have to part ways with one of Collin Sexton or Darius Garland in addition to other players and draft picks. Subtracting one of the few players on the team that can shoot outside of the paint in order to acquire one who exclusively shoots in that area presents major spacing problems.

Even with the obvious spacing problems that the addition of Ben Simmons would present, he would still be far and away the best player on the roster at this moment in time. With that being said, the Cavaliers would still not be a particularly good team. Overall they would be a step or two closer to being relevant and could possibly be a play-in candidate. But at the dnd of the day they would still be far off from becoming an actual playoff contender.


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