Cavs off the beat with City Edition uniform

Cavs off the beat with City Edition uniform

The Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled their rock and roll themed City Edition uniforms and they are horrendous.

No matter how many times people complain about sports teams in Cleveland using rock and roll as a design element that doesn’t stop them from doing it. The Cavs unveiled their rock and inspired uniforms and they are just plain awful.

The inspiration for these uniforms is rock and roll, but serial killer or ransom note seems more appropriate. The letters are drawn from various band names, but they look like a thrown together in a design that should never exist. There is a reason each band has a distinctive font they use, it is to stand out from other bands. Combining them completely goes against the intention of the design in the first place.

The Cavs may have wanted rock and roll inspired uniforms and it seems like they (sort of) accomplished that. While they attempted to give us Appetite for Destruction, they served us a big heaping pile of Chinese Democracy instead.


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