Cavaliers: Still waiting for J.R. Smith trade

Cavaliers: Still waiting for J.R. Smith trade

The Cleveland Cavaliers are destined to move on from J.R. Smith but a trade is still yet to materialize for the talented shooting guard.

J.R. Smith is all but gone from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Luckily both sides were able to work out a deal so things would not be awkward during the MLB All-Star Game festivities, (Smith was a participant in the celebrity softball game). A trade seems inevitable but is still yet to happen. Smith will probably be dealt before Kevin Love (if that does indeed occur).

There was a rumor that J.R. Smith could join the Los Angeles Lakers due to a trade or being waived, but it is still just a rumor. Shortly after that rumor appeared it was reported that Smith is not necessarily interested in going to Los Angeles.

Teams will be interested in the services of J.R. Smith. While he is the literal definition of streaky, Smith can be a valuable asset off the bench for teams looking for three-point shooting. The thing with Smith is that he is the hottest of hot or the coldest of cold. Very rarely does he fall in-between. Even with this streakiness, he still possesses value to contending teams.

The Cavaliers only have so much time to deal J.R. Smith. The guarantee date on his contract was initially back in June but it was pushed forward until July 15th. There is also another option to push it back again to August 1st. The 15th is only a few days away and if it is pushed back against he 1st is not that far off. Cleveland needs to do everything they can to move the contract of J.R. Smith as soon as possible. Well, everything except giving up future assets to move him. At that point they should just eat the contract and call it a day.

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