Cavaliers: Sexton & Osman struggling from deep

Cavaliers: Sexton & Osman struggling from deep

Collin Sexton and Cedi Osman have been struggling mightily over their past 10 games when it comes to their three-point shooting.

There is no getting around it. Collin Sexton and Cedi Osman have not been good from deep over the last 10 games. Their poor performance is not the only reason why the Cavaliers have lost seven of their 10 games, but it certainly has not helped. Sexton and Osman rank third and fourth in three-point attempts among Cavaliers players who have appeared in all 10 games.

Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton is 10-37 from deep over his last 10 games. Sexton’s 27% from deep is 11% lower than his career average of 38.6%. Although, it is more in line with his percentage from deep this season (31.9). Of course this number could be as low as it is because of his recent struggles.

Sexton has attempted more than half of his season total (69) of three-pointers over this recent stretch. Sexton was shooting 37.5% (12-32) prior the last 10 games, so this has not necessarily been a season long issue.

Collin Sexton can easily turn around his three-point shooting performance this season. There are still 65 games to play and his previous track record suggests that his effectiveness from deep will improve.

Cedi Osman

The performance of Cedi Osman is usually not that integral to the Cavaliers success. Unlike others on the roster, success is not dependent on whether or not Osman performs well. The issue with Osman though is that he is taking and missing a lot of three-pointers.

Nearly half of Cedi Osman’s shots from the past 10 games have come from three-point range (38 of 80 have been of the three-point variety). The fact that Osman is failing to convert these attempts has been an issue. Osman is shooting 26.3% (10-38) from three-point range on the third-most attempts from distance over this span.

Like Collin Sexton, Cedi Osman’s history suggest he is better than what he has shown recently. Although, the difference is not as drastic. Osman is a career 35.3% shooter from deep over his three NBA seasons. It is also worth noting that nearly half of his shots in his career have come from three-point range and he is far from an elite shooter.

A correction is coming and it should lead to better team results

There should be a correction when it comes to the efficiency of Cedi Osman but not nearly as much as the correction for Collin Sexton. A bump for either in this area should help the Cavaliers win a bit more games and get off their current slide, which has seen them drop seven of their last eight games.

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