Cavaliers nail throwback uniforms

Cavaliers nail throwback uniforms

The Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled their 1990’s throwback uniforms for the upcoming season and they are absolute perfection.

The upcoming season may be a struggle but at least the Cleveland Cavaliers will look good. The throwback uniforms were unveiled Wednesday and they are a nod back to when Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse (then Gund Arena) first opened.

The Cavaliers will also be playing on a matching court while wearing these uniforms.

It’s only right to play on a court that matches the uniforms that the team is wearing. There is nothing worse than throwback uniforms on a modern court. Often times the colors clash and the end result is poor.

This is what the fans are looking for. An actual throwback uniform. This is a massive improvement over the City Edition uniforms from last year. Those uniforms were inspired partly by this era but just didn’t look right.

The blue and orange dominant combination over a design that was not meant for it does not quite work. Later in the season Cleveland also debuted their Earned Edition uniforms, inspired by winter. A color combination of white and blue. Again, these uniforms missed the mark.

The big issue with the uniforms last year was that Cleveland did not appear as it does on these throwbacks. Instead they opted for Cleveland to appear in script much like the signs all over the city. While this is a cool concept, it looked like a jumbled mess when combined with this uniform design and color scheme. This classic style goes with the original font for Cleveland rather than trying to reinvent something that shouldn’t be reinvented in the first place.

This season may not be the best in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but at least their uniforms will look good. Until they are back to seriously competing that’s about all that can be asked of them.

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