Cavaliers look to win second straight game


The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to win their second straight game after snapping a six game losing streak on Saturday.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers can manage a win at home Monday, they will be five games under .500. While it is not all that impressive, they were seven games under just two days ago. Luckily, Cleveland is much better at home (3-4) than on the road (2-7). The Cavs host the Brooklyn Nets Monday and they will certainly have a chance to win.

There are two factors that could benefit the Cavaliers in this matchup.

Kevin Love is questionable

Kevin Love might play, he might not. If he is able to play, great. If not, it is not necessarily the end of the world. Cleveland was able to handle the Portland Trailblazers at home just two days ago without Kevin Love. Granted, Portland is not great when it comes to passing the ball on offense (they are one of the worst in the NBA), Love can be a liability at times on defense. Although it is worth noting that Brooklyn is on the lower end of the spectrum in passes per game and assists. Even if Love does play, his defensive may be hidden just a bit due to Brooklyn’s ball movement or lack thereof.

Kyrie Irving is out

Kyrie Irving is not playing against the Cavaliers again. Irving is out with a shoulder injury and considering Brooklyn is a superior team and in a better place in regards to the standings, his absence is understandable. Brooklyn is looking at the big picture. They are looking at the long haul. Over the course of the season this game will not matter for Brooklyn. Win or lose, they are a playoff team. Irving being absent only gives Cleveland a better chance of winning on Monday.

Like always, shooting will be key

The glaring issue during the Cavaliers losing streak was the differential in shooting percentages. If the Cavaliers are at worst able tot keep it close, they could end up on the right side of the scoreboard. If the Cavaliers are being outshot yet again, it could be another long game.

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