Cavaliers keep Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson

Cavaliers keep Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson

The Cleveland Cavaliers decided to keep both Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson rather than trading them before the trade deadline.

Before the ink could even dry on Kevin Love’s new contract, rumors about the Cleveland Cavaliers dealing the former All-Star began immediately. Along with Love, Tristan Thompson has also been included in trade rumors. Many expected one or both to be moved before the NBA trade deadline. However that is not the case as both are still on the roster.

It seems like that the majority of people were trying to shove both players out the door as fast as they can. Many wanting Love to get the Blake Griffin experience from last season. Griffin was shipped off to Detroit after signing what he expected to be essentially a lifetime contract with the Los Angeles Clippers. Midway through the season Griffin was traded to Detroit. The general consensus was that Love would suffer the same fate.

Ever since Tristan Thompson signed his big deal many wanted him traded immediately. Add in the fact that Thompson dipped in production for a bit, it was a mob mentality to get him out of town. There is also the Kardashian factor that many despise and honestly want Thompson traded for that reason and that reason alone.

The Cavaliers tank job is still on

There is some concern that keeping Love and Thompson would ruin the tank job currently going on. The Cavaliers currently own the third-worst record in the NBA. Even adding Love and Thompson to this current roster will not make a huge difference. This team is flawed in many ways and adding two big men will not solve much of anything.

When Love and Thompson return there is still a good chance the Cavaliers end up with a top three pick. Cleveland is not a good team and will continue to struggle for the remainder of the season. The lack of overall talent on the roster will not be made up for with the additions of Love and Thompson. Winning games will still be a difficult task no matter how the roster is constructed.

Potential moves after the season?

Although both Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson are Cavaliers currently, they could still be moved after the season. Trades can be facilitated to find new homes for these veterans while acquiring assets for the future. This is not out of the realm of possibilities.

For the time being both will remain in Cavaliers uniforms for the remainder of the season. Their presence might actually bring a bit more excitement to games and increase fan interaction. While their futures after the year are up in the air, at this moment they are still Cleveland Cavaliers.


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