Cavaliers: J.R. Smith to the Lakers?


With deicison time coming soon for the Cavaliers, there is the possibility that the team may waive or trade J.R. Smith soon.

Sunday is essentially deadline day for the Cleveland Cavaliers and J.R. Smith. Smith is one of many players that Cleveland could move soon. After June 30th his entire $15 million salary becomes guaranteed, and that is a lot of money to take on for a rebuilding team. Although if he is waived before the 30th just under $4 million is guaranteed. That is a huge difference which could motivate the Cavaliers to waive him prior to Sunday. However there is a rumor gaining traction. J.R. Smith to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The rumor is that Smith is expected to sign the Lakers and reunite with former Cavaliers teammate LeBron James. This is of course after being traded and/or waived. Smith would have to be waived by either Cleveland or another team acquiring him to make the move to Los Angeles. The Lakers have a lot of plans this offseason and taking on Smith’s current salary is not one of them. Smith would provide Los Angles with a three-point shooter they desperately need. This appears to be inevitable and Cleveland needs to either waive or trade Smith before they are on the hook for his massive salary. Although his appearance at the All-Star Celebrity Softball Game in Cleveland may be a bit awkward.

Smith is fan favorite in Cleveland and will without a doubt receive a warm reception. Even if he does end up with LeBron in Los Angeles.

J.R. Smith spent just over four seasons with Cleveland. During this time Smith averaged 10.3 points per game on 38.1 percent shooting from three-piont range. The play of J.R. Smith was integral in the Cavaliers run to the 2016 NBA Title which saw Cleveland becoming the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit to win The Finals.

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